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Access to a lot of information is not always the best solution. But access to the RIGHT information is always a good start. Here you’ll find the information you’ll need to be able to make better decisions.

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We focus on providing value adding content for you as a visitor regarding service suppliers in specific business areas. Safesite.info is the go to place for anyone who is in need of more information to make more educated decisions. Our mission focus on helping consumers detect and avoid fraudulent sites online. We give our visitors objective and trensparent reviews and only recommend reliable and safe websites.

Legislation & licenses

We identify if the company complies with current legislation and holds required licenses to provide its service.


We investigate where the company behind the site is registered and which country the business is conducted from.


We scrutinize the operational age of the company and site. Even though the age of a site isn’t enough by itself, the combination of operational age of a company and it’s sites give us a risk indication.


Encrypted traffic between visitors and a website is a minimum requirement.


We look at the availability of the company behind the site through different channels.

External reviews

We investigate the reviews left by former customers of the companies and sites.

Search volume

We investigate searches related to the site and the company behind the site.